Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bracing Myself

For the past week, my left knee has been bothering me.  I didn't hit or anything, just it became sorta sore.  Thanks to my employer, we receiving excellent health care benefits at the beginning of this year.  So armed with my new health care card, I was able to call my new Kaiser doctor, make an appointment and be seen.  Long story short, I came home with meds and a knee brace.  As I rest my leg, I started thinking about all of the recent changes in my life.

Changes for the better.

My Faith:
- God has been more than patient with me.  Despite what I intend to do and don't do, the Lord is truly my Shepherd.  He keeps me and I need to do my part by doing what I said I would.  It's by his grace and mercy that I am still here

My alumni group:
- We just had a new year planning meeting for my alumni group.  It was a wonderful success.  The year is starting off with some great events and I am grateful to be in a role of leadership.

My job:
- Armed with new responsibilites based on my boss' new roles and our aquisition a year ago, I feel like the sky is the limit on opportunities for us.  As I embrace the change I have to remember to stay focused and on top of everything.

My family:
- As we grow older, staying together becomes so much more important.

I don't have to brace myself for the future because that could imply that something unfavorable could be in store.  But it also could be something wonderful that I have no idea or any comprehension of.

What are you bracing yourself for this year?

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